A little bit of practical inspiration on… lazy leadership vs gritty leadership

Lazy leadership is selfish.

I first found myself using the phrase ‘lazy leader’ when talking about the coffee station conversation. It’s Monday morning and after you’ve opened your laptop, you go to the office coffee area. Your boss is there getting a coffee. She asks: “How was your weekend?”

  1. Lazy leaders avoid conflict and use HR or colleagues to have conversations with their people. Gritty leaders address the shortcomings of the team member face to face with an honest conversation in a timely fashion, using specific examples.
  2. Lazy leaders avoid challenge and conflict at all costs. Gritty leaders challenge openly in meetings, always seeking to discuss the most important issues. Gritty leaders will always challenge in a way that shows they care for the individual.
  3. Lazy leaders recruit people less able than themselves for fear of being challenged. Gritty leaders always recruit people better than themselves for key roles around them where they have shortcomings.



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